Life is full of challenges and problems that are obdurate in nature. Sometimes, we go through one of those times when it seems every attempt to resolve a problem is met with a new difficulty. You thank God, fellowship with him, live a life pleasing unto him, yet the challenge remains.

In Luke chapter 18:1-8, Jesus told his disciples a story showing them the need to prayer without giving up. A judge, who was indifferent about the things of God and harsh towards his people, was approached by a widow. The widow’s rights were violated and she needed protection. The Judge never gave her his time. However the widow was persistent. She kept knocking! The judge knew that at this rate, he was going to have no peace until he attends to the need of the widow.

Jesus wants us to know that we should never give up but continually abide in prayer. Prayer is not a means of coercing God to do what we want, it is simply recognizing his power and asking him to take control of our lives totally (Jeremiah 10:23). Abiding in prayer is not just about just yielding our lives and circumstances to him but also trusting him to act at the nick of time.

Praying without ceasing applies in the good and bad times. When things are good, you immediately thank God for his faithfulness. When things are not going as planned, you ask God to simply perfect all that concerns you. Life should become a continually ascending prayer. All life’s deeds, thought and circumstances should become an opportunity to commune with God. In that way, you constantly set your mind on things above and  seek him first. (Colossians 3:2, Matthew 6:33).

Charles Spurgeon had the following to say about Prayer:

  1. To pray is to enter the treasure house of God to gather riches out of an inexhaustible storehouse.
  2. No man can progress in grace if he forsakes prayer.
  3. Prayer plumes the wings of God’s young eaglets so that they may learn to mount above the clouds. Prayer brings inner strength to God’s warriors and sends them forth to spiritual battle with their muscles firm and their armour in place.
  4. Prayer can never be in excess.
  5. Prayer is a creature’s strength, his very breathe and being.
  6. Prayer is the slender nerve that moves the muscle of the omnipotence.
  7. Prayer pulls the rope down and the great bell rings above in the ears of God. He who communicates with heaven is the man who grasps the rope boldly and pulls continuously with his might.
  8. We must be earnest; otherwise we have no right to hope that the lord will hear our prayer.

PRAYER: Despite the difficulty I might have been encountering, I trust in you totally. Please, guide my heart and words aright. Show me your grace as I turn to you always.


Samuel O. Alfred

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