PhD fellowship – Inria Bordeaus Sud-Ouest

This PhD aims at developing constrained meshing strategies allowing
to embed exactly open lines (or surfaces) in 2D (resp. 3D) simplicial meshes.
The main application envisioned is related to the mechanics of fractured composite materials,
however several other applications of the same technique will be explored,
in particular related to large scale free surface flows (approximation of structures
in large shallow water models), and compressible flows (essentially shock fitting).
The main issues to be dealt with within the PhD are

1) representation of the curve/surface (fully discrete via an initial mesh, continuous via splines, etc)

2) meshing: embedding the surface in an existing mesh vs generating a contained mesh from
scratch adding extra boundaries

3) control of mesh quality for complex curves/surfaces with intersections

4) computational aspects: comparison of computations on constrained grids with adaptive embed

All the mesh functionalities will be implemented in the MMG platform :
The simulations will be performed with existing models issued from the activities of the INRIA
team CARDAMOM: .

The fellowship is for 3 years with a net salary (after taxes) of 1400-1500 euros/month
plus all benefits (health insurance, pension contributions, etc), and 35+10 holidays/year.

Candidates are expected to have a very high proficiency in C and C++,
as well as strong background in fluid dynamics and computational mathematics.


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