Graduate Research Positions – 2020/2021

Hello folks. Happy new year to you. In 2021, I will consistently post graduate research positions for those who want to pursue advanced degrees in countries in the America, Europe and Asia.

I will also advice you on how to prepare your academic CV and your application in general for the coming academic session. All of these at no cost! I just need one thing from you ; COMMITMENT. A committed applicant is more likely to be serious and keen to pursue research at PhD level. It is easier to offer assistant to applicants who are serious themselves.

Put in your best in your application and with suitable guidance from my team, your chances of getting into your dream school is within reach.

Though the focus will be more on Science, Technology and Engineering and Mathematics, I will post about opportunities from any subject as I get them.

I am optimistic that your dreams will come true as you go through the process of applying to graduate school.


Samuel O. Alfred

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