Hydrogen Student Design Contest 2017/18

Deadline: September 15, 2017 The Hydrogen Education Foundation has announced the topic of the next competition! The 2017 Hydrogen Student Design Contest will challenge student teams from around the world to “Design a Power-to-Gas System”, a system that uses electricity to produce hydrogen for cross market uses, including energy storage, ancillary services, and transportation fuel. The teams … Continue reading Hydrogen Student Design Contest 2017/18

QUESTION: Should electricity be given freely for everyone?

Unfortunately, NO. The energy needs of the world are enormous. Our craving for electricity has led to uttermost disregard and degradation of the environment. Oil spills are widespread especially in conflict zones. Nuclear disasters has permanently destroyed cities with their radioactive waste. Massive ecological damage has affected sea life because of man’s quest to generate electricity. … Continue reading QUESTION: Should electricity be given freely for everyone?